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patch notes

Subscribe to OPL Pro and change themes

OPL Pro subscribers are now able to change their website themes.

Reworked match page

We reworked the match page so it looks more esthetic and you can even customise the background of your name by subscribing to OPL Pro.

Subscribe to OPL Pro

Support us in our journey and get some goodies for it

SEO sucks

Mostly worked on SEO improvements which just sucked and we have to wait a month to see their results.

Nothing fancy, but a lot

This patch we don't have something extraordinary for your but it's a lot.

Riot API progress

We are working on the integration of the Riot API and made some progress.

Added Overwatch 2 and Modern Warfare 2

The title already said it. Refining organiser options for those games in the coming weeks.

Moving away from Patreon

We coded our own subscription system as base for future features

Added Magic The Gathering

You want a new game, you get it. Just message us if you need another one.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

A lot of bug fixes and some performance improvements.
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