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patch notes 2023 03 14 patch
opl pro

Reworked match page

We reworked the match page so it looks more esthetic and you can even customise the background of your name by subscribing to OPL Pro.

What's new this sprint?

New features

  • added french as language
  • added EA as launcher
  • added Fifa as game

Bugfixes and quality of live changes

  • reworked the match page
  • fixed a bug where some webhook notifications would not be sent
  • fixed a bug where you could not upload certain pictures
  • fixed a bug where some links would not be clickable
  • fixed a bug where the promotion of events on the index page would not work properly
  • prevented the linking of the same riot-id with multiple OPL accounts
  • fixed a bug where a toast with a faulty message would appear when registrating an account
  • reworked the event info page
  • reworked the result input
  • reworked the submenu
  • organise: added the function to set teams inactive in round robin which than receive a default loss in all matches
  • fixed a bug where the match checkin would not work properly
  • the last name is now hidden by default on user profiles