Creating THE centralised esports platform
for organisers, players, fans, everyone

Still tabbing between a thousand tabs for rules, brackets, standings or basic tournament information and still don't know what is going on? Stop doing that - there are more efficient ways if you like pain.
OPL is the first platform with a focus on tournament organisers AND players.
We are creating THE all-in-one esports platform so you have everything you need to create new tournaments, participate in existing ones and be up to date about them.







'Speeches are for campaigning. Now is the time for action.'

Let's be honest: Fuck it!
For a whole week we were trying to figure out which words to use in what order to communicate our value the most effective way and we almost despaired of it. All the articles we read to prepare for this task are about luring in potential customers to buy stuff they don't want and need and make them think it was a smart decision - it's almost like Inception now that I think about it.
Like said in the beginning: Fuck it! No marketing slang and a bunch of nonsense buzz-words we take what exists in the esport industry, pack it with a shit ton of improvements and let our work speak for itself!

organise your own tournament..

Create tournaments on our esport platform and benefit from automatic tools that instantly increase your tournament quality without any effort on your side. Organise your events with the OPL Tournament Engine which is based on inheritance so you don't have to type everything a thousand times. Setting up live productions with OPL Productions Tools was never easier; you just need to copy some URLs into OBS and it's done. We even automated graphic design for you: with OPL Instant Graphics you just have to grab the generated graphics and post them somewhere.

..or play in existing tournaments

Browser through all available games and play tournaments of different organisers. No matter if you are new to esports or an experienced player!