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About OPL

Why did we start OPL in the first place, how it's going and what we will do in the future.

From tilt into a company

OPL was founded out of frustration. We started as players ourselves and played in different competitive teams, participated in a bunch of tournaments in different game titles. Jumping between the tournament platform for the bracket, an official website for information and rules and on top Discord for communication and mapban was the most inconvenient thing we had to do. Statistics on Liquipedia, no insights into admin decisions, the list goes on and on. That had to stop. We left our competitive teams to built a platform where everything is neatly in one place. No more hopping.

THE esport tournament platform

At first we established ourselves in the Rainbow Six Siege scene and became known as a tournament organiser with high quality standards. A few tournament organisers wanted to use our platform for their own tournaments although many of the features we thought about weren't even integrated at that time. That got us thinking and eventually we made the decision to focus on building the ultimate esport platform rather than organising our own events. We took the existing idea of a tournament management software tweaked it with our own ideas and released it to the public besides our production tools which allow anyone to set up high quality productions in minutes single-handedly and our instant graphics which generate social media graphics for you.

Not good enough

Besides working on the existing products, fixing bugs and adding features, we want to release other tools in the future to make life easier for esport fans, players, teams and organisers. We set our goals high from the very start which begs the questions: Will we ever reach it? - no we will not. A reachable goal means you are done at some point and quite the opposite of our mentality. There is always something to add, always something to improve or getting rid of outdated things.
In case you are curious what we recently did you can read everything in our patch notes.