Clearly this must be your first account you have ever created in your whole life since it isn't obvious to you that you have to click on register and fill out the form. We send you an activation link to your email afterwards to protect you from yourself in case you forget your password.

Click resend email in case the the automatic process did not start because one of our interns slept. If that does not work you can join our OPL Community Discord Server and ask for further aid hopefully by someone more competent.

That's why we asked you to verify your email adress so you can reset the password in case you forgot it. Just make sure you don't lose something really important, the password is the only thing we can reset.

It literally says 'support' in the navigation menu but here you go: your very personal support ticket link

You can edit some data on your user profile. Obviously you can not change your birthdate because why would you - unless you are not aware who you truly are - ok it could be a typo so you may open a support ticket

In the rare case an intern misclicked you can open a support ticket. If not, well, that's it, better luck next time.

You want to leave us? - Well by law we have to let you go so please open a support ticket and we will delete your account as soon as possible.

You can add a launcher by going to the edit section of your userprofile.


Just click register team. This question is even too lame to be sarcastic.

Each player may only be on one major Team at a time. There is no limit for casual teams. However, please note that if you are on two casual teams and both teams want to participate in the same event, you will have to leave one team. Each event may have different team type requirements which you can find in the event info.

All members, regardless of their role, can be eligible to play. To be eligible, you have to fulfil certain criteria for this event. A red circle obviously means that you may not play in this event under any circumstance. A green circle on the other hand means that you are fully permitted and allowed to play without restrictions. There is also a yellow circle which indicates that your teams must meet specific requirements for you to be allowed to play (e.g three out of five must be from a specific country). faq team permit

You can be on a maximum of one major team. There are no restrictions for casual teams. However, if two of your teams want to participate in the same event, you must leave one of them.

Team Managers and members who have the Team Admin role can use the team profile to generate an invitation link and forward it to new players.


You found four other players and now you want to show what you got? Great. Just choose an event from the upcoming events list and sign up for it. On the right-hand side you can see a very brief overview of the event besides the sign-up block. Make sure you are familiar with the rules since you do not want this to be your last event do you? If you really DO want to be banned we can fast forward this process for you.

For each event, the team must be checked in manually before the start of the event the ensure that you really want to participate and are ready for the event. After you signed up the timer shows when the checkin will begin. From there you have time to check in until the event starts. If you forget to check in your team will not participate in this event but don't worry, there will be no further punishment besides the realization that you are awful at time management.

We did not bother to explain it ourselves since Wikipedia already has whole articles for it. I am seriously wondering what they are teaching in school at this point.


Lock the door and lay flat down on the floor... not wait, that was something else. Inside of your match in the 'user' tab you have two buttons: 'call admin' for, well, calling an admin in case you have minor or 'open protest' when the enemy is kind of sus. Misuse of the protest button can backfire just for you to know.

MOSS is a program which has the intention to detect cheat-software. It takes screenshots from your game and tracks different data such as pc components, running tasks and so on. We all know it is far from the best but it is something for now - we are looking forward to get rid of MOSS and replace it with Sapphire.

opl point system

Let's face it: a fixed number of points for a certain place in a qualifier is simply shit. A team that barely wins against each team should not have the same points as a team that overruns every team X to zero. That's why we do also take the score difference into account besides the event progress.

We kept the formular as simple as possible so you can also understand it without having a degree in maths:

win = 5P + score differences

lose = 1P (for participating in the match)

A default win counts with a score of 2 - 0 so you get 7 points in total for it.
Every team that reaches the final receives an additional 10 points.