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cheat detection tool: sapphire

We started developing our own cheat detection software called sapphire and are now ready to go into a beta test 


Sapphire is an anti-cheat program by the developers of the Opportunity League. It can only be used in matches within the OPL.

All connected monitors, all running programmes and the hardware are captured by Sapphire.

No, you can select the match you want to run it on in Sapphire.

Currently, Sapphire only works correctly if you only use one graphics card.
For this reason, please note that Sapphire should only be started when only one graphics card is connected.

No, with sapphire this is no longer possible. In case of any suspicion, an admin can be called to have a look at it.

This is possible upon request.

In Sapphire you can see who from your team and the opposing team is logged into Sapphire.
green: Sapphire is running
red: Sapphire is not running

In Sapphire you have the option to see if the recording of Sapphire is running, as well as if the match is running and if Sapphire is working in general.