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Do you wash your cloths by hand? No seriously, do you? It would be a shit load of work to do so. But not using our automated tournament management software is not like washing your cloths by hand - It is rather like building yourself a home in the middle of the forest with no tools (you know the kind of videos I mean).

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OPL Production Tools: a full scale production in minutes

OPL Instant Graphics: high quality graphics automatically generated

OPL Tournament Engine: the easiest way to manage tournaments

OPL Production Tools

Set up high quality full scale productions within minutes by just pasting URLs into your production software. OPL Production Tools will do the rest for you.

OPL Tournament Engine

OPL Tournament Engine is the centerpiece of your next tournament. It controls both OPL Production Tools and OPL Instant graphics besides beeing the easiest way to set up complex multi-layer tournaments without any effort.

OPL Instant Graphics

Good designers are rare and most of the time very costly but social media posts without graphics are far less likely to be read. OPL Instant Graphics is the solution for that: Graphics with just the click of a button!

High quality graphics

OPL Instant Graphics generates high quality graphics for you without needing a graphic designer.

Tweek it and post it

Directly post OPL Instant Graphics to your linked social media channel.

Organise your tournaments for free

All those powerful tools to automate your tournament are completely free of charge. One of our goals is to centralise the esport industry which we will not achieve by putting our website behind a paywall.

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