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team ID 106
team name Placeholder
team short
headquarter Europe flag
game Rainbow Six Siege
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beta league winner

A win is a win, no matter how small.
early bird logo

early bird

Sacrificed to look for sharks - it is safe.
beta tester logo

beta tester

You didn't even know what it is.
beta cup winner logo

beta cup winner

A lot of hype around something that isn't finished.
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Recent King of the Hill winner
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bug hunter

What a great exterminator we have here.
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No MMR roleback, don't worry.
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Restores two hunger points.
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Good guy with a hood and a laptop.
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I see you have money. Spend some of it.
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There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
zander logo


The real one!
level 1 supporter logo

level 1 supporter

A small step for you but a big step for mankind.
level 2 supporter logo

level 2 supporter

If you do that another few times, that would actually be... money.
level 3 supporter logo

level 3 supporter

First steps into poverty. Be careful you don't become broke.
cheese supporter logo

cheese supporter

You are solely the reason why we can eat cheese. Isn't that great?
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