Important Info:

Season 1 Info:

Prize Pool: $2500
Grand Prize: $1250

16 Teams
4 Invited
12 qual


Qual 1: July 5th-7th

Qual 2: July 12th-14th

Single pass: $25
Double Pass: $40
Please make sure you register your team for both qualifiers when purchasing the double pass

ALL BGS Season 1 Matches Will Utilize the new Quarter System: Side Swap Every 3 Rounds


3 Days
10 rounds of Swiss
5 Lives
All Games Bo1
Games start at 6pm EST each day
Top 6 teams from each qual make main season

Group Stage: July 15th-August 2nd

4 groups
4 teams per group
1 invited team per group

Double Round Robin
All Bo1s
2 games per week
dedicated playdays
Top 3 teams make playoffs (each group)
Bottom team from each group eliminated

Playoffs: August 5th-10th

Single Elim Bracket
All games Bo3
Grand Final Bo5 with Unlimited OT
Top seed from each group gets a bye
#2 seeds play a #3 seed from a different group round 1

Signups open June 14th on OPL