Nexus Rivals Series | Episode 3

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Embark on a competitive journey like never before with Nexus Rivals Series, Episode 3 – where valor meets victory!

Are you hungry for thrilling battles in a tournament tailored for those in the Valorant Community? Look no further!

Nexus Rivals Series welcomes all teams to join our inaugural episode for an immersive and fair gaming experience.

Entry Fee:
$20 per team, only paid once. (non-refundable)

What We Offer:

Grand Prize of +$1,000: Compete for glory and a chance to claim your share of the $1,000 prize pool!
Live Streamed Matches: Every match is a spectacle! Experience the excitement as our matches are casted and streamed for a global audience.
Structured Competition: Immerse yourself in a professionally organized tournament environment, perfect for gaining valuable experience in the realm of competitive Valorant.

Our mission is to elevate your skills while providing added perks such as casting opportunities and tournament experience, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges that higher ranks bring. Join us at Nexus Valorant for a blend of improvement, experience, and pure gaming joy.

Ready to join the action?
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1. There are account limitations, I.E. you must play on the account you signed up with.
2. Teams are allowed to have 5 - 9 Players in a team. Example: 5 starters, 4 subs, (optional 1 coach).
3. Teams are allowed to add members as long as they do not exceed the max roster size.
4. Brackets and matches between teams will be determined randomly.
5. All players and members must have a certain amount of respect to other teams or members.
6. During tournament matches, players should not use any form of bad manners known as "BM". If any team is partaking in this action, after two documented missteps that team will be placed in an automatic forfeit.
7. All teams agree to being recorded, interviewed, and watched by the Nexus Valorant Twitch stream and Nexus Staff Team at any given point or moment.