Shock R6 Season 1 | EU

Season 1 has a cap of 16 teams and will be Two Phases

Phase One will be a 16-team round robin phase with teams broken up into groups of 4. Each team will play the others in their group once and the Top 2 teams from each division will advance to the Phase 2 - Playoffs. Schedule is below:

Week 1: June 24th - June 30th
Week 2: July 1st - July 7th
Week 3: July 8th - July 14th

Phase Two will place the top 8 teams from Phase One in an 8-Team Single-Elimination Bracket. All matches will be BO3 except for Finals which will be BO5. The schedule for Phase Two is below:

Quarterfinals - July 19th

Semifinals - July 20th

Finals - July 26th