Prize Pool: $4,000
1st: $2,000
2nd: $1,000
3rd-4th: $500


-Qualifier Week 1: May 31-June 2
-Qualifier Week 2: June 7-9

Start Times
- Days 1 and 2 of qualifiers will start at 6pm ET
- __Day 3 of qualifiers will start an hour earlier at 5pm ET__

Entry Fee
Single Pass: $45
Double Pass: $70

Open Qualifier
Teams will play 6 rounds of swiss to qualify for a closed qualifier. The top 16 teams from swiss will qualify for the closed qualifier.

Teams will play the first 4 rounds of swiss on day 1 of the qualifier, and the remaining 2 games of swiss on day 2 of the qualifier. Immediately following the conclusion of the open qualifier stage, the closed qualifier will start.

Closed Qualifier
16 teams will qualify for a closed qualifier. The top 3 teams from the closed qualifier will qualify for the main event. The closed qualifier is a double elimination bracket. This means the top 2 teams from the winners bracket and the winner of the losers bracket will qualify for XGS Season 7.

Teams will play their first 2 games of the closed qualifier on day 2 immediately following the completion of Swiss. The remaining portion of the bracket will be completed on each Sunday. All games are Best of 1 except for qualifying games which will be best of 3.

Qualifier Schedule
Day 1: 4 Rounds of Swiss starting at 6pm ET
Day 2: 2 Rounds of Swiss starting at 6pm ET. 2 Rounds of Closed Qualifiers
Day 3: All remaining closed qualifier games starting at 5pm ET.


Will take place on days between June 17-July 2
- Single Round Robin Best of 1s
- 2 Groups of 7 Teams
- Top 3 teams from each group advance to playoffs
- Seeds 4-5 of each group play a play-in game for the final 2 playoff spots
- Seeds 6 and 7 are eliminated from playoff contention

Play-In Game
- The play-in games will happen on July 8 and will be a best of 1 match
- The 4 seed from each group will play the 5 seed from the opposite group

- Top 3 teams from each group
- Winners of Play-In games

- Quarterfinals: July 11-12
- Semifinals: July 13
- Final: July 14
- 8 Team Single Elimination BO3s
- BO5 Final