Shock R6 Season 2 is here! This Season we will have 2 Divisions... Major and Minor, the top 4 Teams from the Minor Division each season is granted access into the Major Division.

Major Division

- $35 Entry Fee

- $700 Prize Pool

- (Offers better competition and more games casted)

Minor Division

- $25 Entry Fee

- $300 Prize Pool

- (Less competition and less games casted)


- Will be done through PayPal and only PayPal. Join the discord server for more info.


To be notified when we update a rule, tournament updates, or even the upcoming season... Join the discord server.


- All games will be self-scheduled within the time frame that is given.

Major/Minor Division | Group Stage will be a 24 team Single Round Robin phase with teams broken up into groups of 6. Each team will play the others in their group once and the Top 4 teams will advance to the Playoffs. The schedule for Group Stage is as follows:

- Game 1 | May 17th - 21st

- Game 2 | May 22nd - 24th

- Game 3 | May 25th - 27th

- Game 4 | May 28th - 30th

- Game 5 | May 31st - June 2nd

Playoffs will place the top 16 teams from Group Stage in a 16 team Single-Elimination Bracket. All matches will be BO3 except for the Grand Finals which will be BO5. The schedule for Playoffs is below:

- Round of 16 | June 3rd - 5th

- Quarterfinals | June 6th - 8th

- Semifinals | June 9th - 12th

- Grand Finale | June 13th - 17th