ELC Spring League #4
ELC Spring League #4

For it's fourth consecutive year, Euro League&Cup is back with it's Winter League!

Here's what to expect for this season:

- 60 Slots
- 4 Divisions
- €200 Cash pool
- Open to teams of all abilities
- Free to participate


As highlighted in the rulebook, all players must be aged 16+ and reside in the EU region.
Our tournaments/leagues are all FREE TO ENTER.

Allowed Cosmetics
Allowed Cosmetics

- Default Skin(s)
- Pro League Gold Skin(s)
- Pilot Program Phase 1 &2 Team Skin(s)
- R6 SHARE Skin(s)

All other uniforms and headgears, including elite skins, are not allowed. However, there are no restrictions on weapon skins and charms.

If you are unsure whether one of your skins is eligible, we recommend you remove it for ELC games.