ZulaClub Europe is completing his competition in Europe in 2024 with the Zula Invitational #2!
X teams were invited to compete in this closed tournament according to their performance during the previous Zula Nocturn Tournament (ZNT), each representing the best part of Europe:
List TBD

This tournament is divided into two parts:
- A in which all the teams will meet and compete with the aim of ranking all the teams from Seed 1 to Seed 4.
- The second part is a Ladder in which teams will advance to the final according to their seeding: Seed 3 and 4 meet, the winner of this match advances to the match against Seed 2, the winner of this second match advances directly to the final and will face Seed 1.

All matches will be BO1 except for the final, which will be BO3.
The team that wins the Zula Invitational takes home the €250 cash prize.

Due to new regulations regarding Twitch on some countries such as Turkey, matches will be live on Youtube