map pool
nighthaven labs
DPG head admin
required programs
moss Download (PW: Moss)
Settings: File -> Parameters -> Rainbow Six Siege
award of points
win +3
overtime win +2
overtime loss +1
loss 0
default win +1
default loss 0
lobby settings
Hud Setting Pro League
Number of Bans 4
Ban Timer 20
Number of Rounds 12
Attacker Defender Role Swap 6
Overtime 3
Overtime Score Difference 2
Overtime Role Change 1
Objective Rotation Parameter 2
Objective Type Rotation Rounds Played
Attacker Unique Spawn On
Pick Phase Timer 15
Damage Handicap 100
Friendly Fire Damage 100
Injured 20
Sprint On
Lean On
Death Replay Off
Game Mode Bomb
Plant Time 7
Defuse Duration 7
Fuse Time 45
Defuse Carrier Selection On
Preparation Phase Duration 45
Action Phase Duration 180
United States United States flag
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda flag
Bahamas Bahamas flag
Barbados Barbados flag
Belize Belize flag
Canada Canada flag
Costa Rica Costa Rica flag
Cuba Cuba flag
Dominica Dominica flag
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic flag
El Salvador El Salvador flag
Grenada Grenada flag
Guatemala Guatemala flag
Haiti Haiti flag
Honduras Honduras flag
Jamaica Jamaica flag
Mexico Mexico flag
Nicaragua Nicaragua flag
Panama Panama flag
Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis flag
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia flag
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago flag
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