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What do we do?
"ESA is THE Console Championship of Europe. "

The best of the best players/teams participate in it, it is also the longest-running series. Furthermore, all matches are broadcast live by a professional production team in a way (quality) you normally only see at the higher/pc level. The social media coverage is also very good and this gives players/teams the spotlight they deserve.

Our mission:
We think The ESA Cup provides one of the best E-Sports experiences on console. The console competitive scene for major titles has a huge demand, people seem to focus more on PC level play and we want to reverse that. We believe console has the potential and should be equal to PC competitive gameplay, there should be as many carrier options on consoles as there are on PC and we are the beginning to evening this. Essentially The ESA Cup is a non profit organization we set up to help console E-Sport teams feel at home (only teams in the EU at the moment). Our goal is to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere that also supports teams in their progression, giving them a place to play against other high level console teams. Help us do this by joining as spectators and supporting streams, signing up your team or just hopping into our discord to have a chat.

We hope you stick around! #ESAFAM

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