Project Harmony

Hello, ladies and Project Harmony enjoyers! Welcome back! We are thrilled to say that the wait for Project Harmony: Season 2 is over! It is here, gamers, so mark your calendars because it starts on Saturday, March 9th! We look forward to seeing you in the race to become the Project Harmony: Season 2 winner!


Last season, we chose to make the tournament cross-region. This means that teams from both the NA and EU regions can sign up for competition. We are looking to do the same thing this season! We do this because it gives all of you players a bigger pool of female gamers to compete against!

Prize Pool & Entry Fees

This season, we are striving to have a bigger prize pool. This prize pool will be funded by your entry fees as players, donations from the community, and the sponsors that are kind enough to support us. This season, the entry fee for each team will be $30 ($6/player). We want this season to be even GREATER than last season, so every donation will be very much appreciated! Paypal for entry fees: or cashapp: $mavericktorres89

1st place: TBA
2nd place: TBA


8 total teams
8-9 total play days (Saturdays) over the course of 8-9 weeks
Round Robin


March 9th @ 2pmEST / 7pmGMT
March 16th @ 2pmEST / 7pmGMT
March 23rd @ 2pmEST / 7pmGMT
March 30th @ 2pmEST / 7pmGMT
April 6th @ 2pmEST / 7pmGMT
April 13th @ 2pmEST / 7pmGMT
April 20th @ 2pmEST / 7pmGMT
Playoffs: TBA

Project Harmony Requirements

Team Composition

All teams must consist of a fixed number of female players (at least 5 players) who are at least 16 years of age or older. We recommend each team have at least ONE (1) sub. Maximum TWO (2) subs.

Team Name & Logo

All teams must have a unique team name that does not infringe on any existing trademarks. All teams must also have a team logo or emblem available for Project Harmony use.

Registration and Entry

All teams must officially register for Project Harmony through OPL and pay the entry fee to be eligible for play. Paypal for entry fees: or cashapp: $mavericktorres89

Ethics and Fair Play

All teams are required to accept and abide by the Project Harmony code of conduct and rules. All teams must maintain respectful behavior towards opponents, supporters, and other teams at ALL times

Equipment & Software

All team members must use the Monitoring and Surveillance Software (MOSS) and have it actively running during all Project Harmony matches.

Team Management

All teams must appoint one player to be a captain or manager who serves as the main point of contact for Project Harmony.

Schedules & Participation

All teams are required to arrive and play on their scheduled date and at their scheduled time. Project Harmony will have multiple different times at which matches are scheduled to begin. If a team is not able to play at a certain time, that team is allowed to attempt to reschedule for a different time on the same play day. All teams involved in the schedule change MUST agree to the schedule change. If all teams do not agree, the schedule change will not take place, and the team that was not available to play at their scheduled time will be forced to forfeit.

Disciplinary Procedures

All teams must adhere to Project Harmony’s disciplinary procedures and accept possible penalties or sanctions for violating the rules.

Rule Adaptation

All teams should be prepared for potential rule changes and be prepared to adapt to said rule changes.