League description


All qualifying games will be done on a 2 games a week basis
entry fee for this is £5
top 8 teams will go to the major
9th-16th will go to minor
all other teams do not qualify
(this is subject to change based on the amount of teams)

main league has:
a major and a minor
entry fee for the major is £10
entry fee for the minor is 5

will be top 4 teams from the major
and top 2 teams from the minor
playing in a double elimination bracket

major standings:
top 2 teams stay in the major for the next season
3rd-6th go in to a closed qualifier
7th and 8th have to go through the open qualifier next season

minor standings :
top 2 stay in the minor for next season
3rd and 4th go in to closed qualifier
5th-8th have to go through the open qualifier the season after

prize pool
1st playoffs (TBD)
2nd playoffs (TBD)
3rd playoffs (TBD)

this is all subject to change based on team count

League requirements

Within Europe


MOSS is required for all games.