In partnership with Jessica „JessGOAT“ Bolden, one of the most influential figures in Rainbow Six esports, we aim to create a tournament for women by the name of ‘Project Athena’. We believe such a league is currently necessary as there have been many women with great potential and interest in esports who have been too scared or dissuaded to participate in existing tournaments; whether through lack of acceptance or access. The goal of this project is twofold. One it is to introduce female players to the competitive scene and two it is to develop and improve skills of those who are used to the competitive scene in some way, shape or form. We also try to include as many women as possible into this tournament like casters, observers, admins to only name a few. A tournament, for women, by women. Qualifiers for this league will determin who will receive a spot in the first league right away and who has to fight their way through the second league. The format is a single-elimination best-of-1 based on the ‘OPL-Point-System’. Inside of the first league eight teams can show over the course of seven playdays in a single-round-robin best-of-1 format what they are capable of to further advance into the playoffs as one of four teams who will meet again in a double-elimination best-of-3 until the best team emerges as the champion. Teams of the second league will fight for one of two relegation spots.


There will be a total prize pool of 10.000€ half of which will be in cash the other half hardware worth that value. Teams which qualify for playoffs will get the cash prize based on their positioning: 1. Place: 2000€ 2. Place: 1500€ 3. Place: 1000€ 4. Place: 500€ Hardware prizes will be provided by 1000 Dreams Fund regardless of league and placement. You can read more about in the panel “broadcast her” below.


The last places of the first league will have to play relegation against the first places of the second league and additionally two teams which will come from open qualifiers where every team can participate that isn’t either staying in first league or already has a spot for relegation. The relegation format will be a best-of-3 double-elimination-bracket. The first two spots of the second league will receive a free win since we decided to favour rising teams. The last two teams of the second league will drop out and have to requalify.


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1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) is a national nonprofit that empowers the dreams of talented young women in need with scholarships, mentorship and other critical resources. 1DF believes that big obstacles should never stand in the way of big dreams. The 1DF BroadcastHER Initiative, and its related grant and mentorship programs, was designed to directly support underserved women content creators and gamers. Since its launch in 2016, over $400,000 in funding has been granted to talented young women in need, helping them pay for the "extras" in school like study abroad, tech devices for the classroom and travel to conferences and seminars. 1DF has been featured in, USA Today, MarketWatch, Forbes, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, TODAY and others. Players of this league which are also activer streamers have the option to apply for the “Broadcast Her Initiative” of 1000 Dream Funds. Among all applications they will pick 5 player and provide each player with an upgrade of their streaming hardware worth up to 1.500€ each. To learn more about 1DF, visit: Read more about the “Broadcast Her” initiative: Apply now for your chance to upgrade your streaming hardware:


- You have to be at least 16 years old. You need to have a written parental permission to participate if you are not at least 18 years old. - There are no regional restrictions, but each player must respect the ping limit of 100ms. - Since this is a league to especially and solely promote female players, male players may not participate. - For all female players who are flagged by the automatic eligibility system as ineligible based on gender but identify as female, please open a support ticket to obtain eligibility to play.