Default Skin(s)
Pro League Gold Skin(s)
Pilot Program Phase 1 Team Skin(s)
Pilot Program Phase 2 Team Skin(s)
R6 SHARE Skin(s)
All other uniforms and headgears, including elite skins,
are not allowed.However, there are
no restrictions on weapon skins and charms.
map pool
AriXx1909 head admin
ONLYOriO head admin
required programs
moss Download (PW: Moss)
Settings: File -> Parameters -> Rainbow Six Siege
lobby settings
Playlist Type Normal Mode
Data Server EU central
voice chat team only
Server Type Dedicated Server
Time of the Day Day
HUD Settings Pro League
Number of Bans 4
Ban Timer 20
Number of Rounds 12
Attacker/Defender Role Swap 6
Overtime Rounds 3
Overtime Score Difference 2
Overtime Role Change 1
Objective Rotation Parameter 2
Objective Type Rotation Rounds Played
Pick Phase Timer 15
Friendlyfire in Prep off
Friendlyfire 100
Reverse Friendlyfire Off
Injured 20
Sprint On
Lean On
Death Duration 2
Requests available per team 1
allow requests from everyone
timeout duration 60
game mode BOMB
plant duration 7
defuse duration 7
fuse time 45
defuse carrier selection on
perparation phase duration 45
action phase duration 180
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