Teams are split into a swiss bracket for placement in the league.
The Top 12 From Open Qualifying move up to the Closed Qualifiers
The Top 8 From Closed Qualifiers Move up to the Premier League
9th-16th From Closed Qualifiers Move up to the Alpha League
All other teams do not place within the League
All qualifier matches are Bo1
Qualifying has an entry fee of £10

Main League:
There are 3 tiers of the league.
Champions League has Bo2 Matches
Champions League has an entry fee of £30
Premier League has Bo2 Matches
Premier League has an entry fee of £20
Alpha League has Bo1 Matches
Alpha League has an entry fee of £10

1st-4th from Champions League and 1st-2nd from Premier League place in a 6-team double-elimination bracket for the remaining prize pool.
All final matches are Bo3, and the Grand Final is a Bo5 with no winners bracket advantage.

1st-5th from Champions League remain in Champions League.
1st-3rd from Premier League and 6th-8th from Champions League face each other in a swiss relegation playoff.
4th from Premier League remains in the Premier League.
5th-8th from Alpha League relegate to the following season's closed qualifier.

Prize Pool Total: £589
Finals - £318
Champions League - 4 Finals Positions + £83
Premier League - 2 Finals Positions + £100
Alpha League - £88

Within Europe


MOSS is required for all games.

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