The GCup is a Europe based, non profit organisation that only aims to deliver professional tournament experience at T4 level in RainbowSix Siege and very soon also in other games.
We have the ambition to grow and become an important platform for the amateur competitive fanbase and to be able to offer a chance also to non professional teams to reach bigger objectives and get a help to start their career.
The first GCup Season was hosted in December 2020 by an organisation named Godly Fate International - therefore the name “GCup”. 16 teams based in different European countries competed for the title and the prize pool (50€, donated by a private person) of the first GCup edition. Later on the leaders of GCup had time related issues and decided to abandon the project. In September 2021 “Team Guardians” reopened GFate under their lead and the GCup was relaunched with a new Season 1. It was financed by entry fees and Trial packs of Team Guardians sponsor HOLY ENERGY. With 16 teams and a prize pool of 210€ the first season was already an early success. By that time the GCup was managed by three leaders and had a small production team.
Season 2 was announced on the stream of the grand final of Season 1 in december 2021 and started on the 28th of February 2022. Season 2 started with an increased number of teams from 16 to 24, a new system and a bigger prize pool of 475€ (HOLY ENERGY trial packs included). We used a Division System made of a major and a minor league with combined Playoffs at the end. Season 2 ended in the first weeks of May. Season 3 saw 20 teams participating in one league. With a prize pool of around 700€ in cash and goods.

GCup Spring 2023 will see 20 teams participating in 4 Groups with 5 Teams. The 20 teams will play for a prize pool 750€. To participate just sing up to our quals and get yourself a spot in the league.
The system of the main stage will be the same as the SI2022 and will last about two months.

To stay tuned just join our Discord and our Twitter!


It is mandatory for all teams to join our Discord INVITE and to register in the registration channel!