Long story short: It’s 10mans (or whatever the minimum amount of players a game needs to fill a match), we just named it fancier. For those who don’t know what 10mans is: It is a way to play ranked on a more competitive level. Most of the time when you queue a normal ranked game you get trolls, mates which don’t communicate at all and overall there is at least one player who just does not care. The idea of 10mans is, that you only have players which take the game serious, want to improve and play as a team.

Everyone who played any 10mans lobby in the past encountered several issues with the system like very long queue times, large skill gaps within the same match and therefore hubs completely dying due to lack of interest. It will be pure madness if we tried exactly the same again - so we simply don’t.
The core idea of 10mans to deliver a more competitive environment continues to exist. It addition to that we want to start slowly and only offer a limited amount of timeslots on a limited amount of days to queue for.

Our goal with this new approach is to concentrate players who are willing to play during a specific slot so queue times decrease drastically and we can precisely match players of similar skill levels into the same match.

We are planning to expand the number of time slots and days you can queue in the future but let’s start slowly for now.

CRP, short for Competitive Rating Points, are our way to measure your skill. Like in a traditional ranked game you receive or lose CRP after every completed match. It’s calculation is based on the chess-elo-system slightly modified so it takes won rounds into account. Read more about CRP and ranks.

It is only possible to queue alone which is the most accurate way to determine a players skill. The matchmaking system is designed to put players of similar skill levels into the same match while also keeping the average team CRP of both teams in a match on the same level. Players which couldn't be matched into a proper game will receive a default win.

Like mentioned in the introduction we are concentrating queueing players to decrease queue times and precisely match players of similar skill levels.

Current slots are:

- every Friday at 19:00, 20:15, 21:30 and 22:45 CEST
- every Saturday at 17:45, 19:00, 20:15, 21:30 and 22:45 CEST
- every Sunday at 17:45, 19:00, 20:15, 21:30 and 22:45 CEST

We will increase the number of slots with increasing interest in the future.

With the help of Ubisoft the prizepool for Competitive Queue will be 1000€ split among the first three as following:

1. 500 €
2. 300 €
3. 200 €

We will also give away 30x R6 credit codes among all participants.