Valorant Challenger League has you covered. We have been hosting tournaments ever since the beginning of 2022 and we have just reached 1,750 members in our discord!

This Tournament will have a $100 prize for the winning team!

We are looking for:
- Staff (admins, mods, content creation, social media, producers), any managers who are interested in starting a team in a development league, graphic designers, editors, or any free agents who are looking for a team!

What we offer:
- Casting, structured tournament environment with chance to gain experience in competitive Valorant, channels for your team and any resources you need to improve, Hall of fame, MVP's, and possible prizes.

Our main focus is to help players improve while also giving extra benefits like casting and tournament experience so they can succeed when they reach higher ranks and start scrimming constantly. If you want to improve, gain experience, and have a little bit of fun Valorant Challengers League is the place for you. No buy in, just plain and old fashion fun!

We are excited to have you! Join now! - Valorant Challenger League Official Discord


1. There are account limitations, I.E. you must play on the account you signed up with.
2. Teams are allowed to have 5 - 9 Players in a team. Example: 5 starters, 4 subs, (optional 1 coach).
3. Teams are allowed to add members as long as they do not exceed the max roster size.
4. Brackets and matches between teams will be determined randomly.
5. All players and members must have a certain amount of respect to other teams or members.
6. During tournament matches, players should not use any form of bad manners known as "BM". If any team is partaking in this action, after two documented missteps that team will be placed in an automatic forfeit.
7. All teams agree to being recorded, interviewed, and watched by the VCL Twitch stream and VCL Staff Team at any given point or moment.

Map Ban Rules

Best of One Map Ban Example:
■ Team A bans 1 map
■ Team B bans 1 map
■ Team A bans 1 map
■ Team B bans 1 map
■ Team A bans 1 map
■ Team B bans 1 map
■ Remaining map is Chosen, Team B decides to attack or defend

Best of Three Map Ban Example:
■ Team A bans 1 map
■ Team B bans 1 map
■ Team A bans 1 map
■ Team B bans 1 map
■ Team A picks the first map
■ Team B picks the second map, and decides to attack or defend on first map
■ Team A decides to attack or defend on second map
■ Team B decides to attack or defend on third remaining map