FireLeague is a community league in Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, founded in 2021. It is arranged in cooperation with the OPL on their platform and is oriented towards the wishes and demands of semi-professional competitive teams. Especially because of this, the FireLeague is characterized by its popularity amongst the participants.

Since we view ourselves as a league from and for the community, the strengthening and further development of the project is extremely important to us. That's why we offer feedback rounds with teams and organizers at regular intervals, in which we listen to the wishes of the teams and work out improvements together.
Because we all want to advance eSport!

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The minimum age is 16 years without exception, all other conditions of participation can be found in the rulebook!

Rulebook (International)
Rulebook (D-A-CH)

FearNixx reserves the sole right to broadcast the games of the FireLeague. This includes live broadcasts with and without delay as well as recording of any kind.

FearNixx reserves the right to pass on broadcasting rights to its cooperation partners. The general conditions like extent and duration of the transmission are defined by FearNixx in agreement with the partner. If you are interested, please contact ThorsHero#6033 // TaganFreez#0735 (Discord) or [email protected].

3 divisions play in 14 matchdays, a relegation and a big playoff final for a cash-prize total of 450 €! (The prize pool may increase during the season due to further sponsorships).

1st place will receive 350 € and 5 exclusive individualized T-shirts with FireLeague design, including their team logo and player name! These will be provided by Profi-Merch as a sponsorship!

2nd place will receive 100 €.

More information about the payout can be found in the rulebook.

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We would like to thank Profi-Merch for sponsoring the t-shirts.

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Contact information: ThorsHero#6033 // TaganFreez#0735 (Discord) or [email protected].