Season 5 Info
Season 5 Info

TPL is going back to basics.

Season 5 Regular Season
-$500+ Prize pool
-$25 Entry Fee
-16 Teams
-4 Divisions.
-4 teams per division

Season 5 Playoffs
-Single Elimination
-Infinite OT
-Top 2 teams from each division will move on to playoffs
-Round 1 and 2 will be in one week
-Grand Final will have its own week

Playdays will be Thursday through Sunday with games starting at 7pm EST and 8:10pm EST

-Black Division will play on Thursdays.
-Blue Division will play on Fridays
-Red Division will play on Saturdays.
-White Division will play on Sundays.

All times are the same for each day and each division. If a game needs to be postponed the game will not be casted.

Basic Player Requirments
Basic Player Requirments

Be on a team that has payed the entry fee.
Have a OPL account and be on your respective team.
Have a basic understanding of the rules.
Reside in the NA region.