An old favourite is returning.
SST9 - £25 Entry
Group Stage:
Teams are split into groups
Group matches are Bo3
August 30th - September 6th
Playoff matches are Bo3, Final is Bo5
The top 16 move forward to a double elimination bracket.
The top 4 recieve a small prize and free seasonal entry.

Main League:
There are 3 tiers of league, each with 8 teams.
Professional will have Bo2 Matches - £30 Entry
Advanced will have Bo2 Matches - £20 Entry
Open will have Bo1 Matches - £10 Entry

The top 4 from the Professional League place in a 4 Team Single Elimination bracket for the remaining prize pool.
All matches are Bo3, the Grand Final is Bo5.

The top placed team from each division will auto-promote
2nd place will face against 7th place from the division above for promotion,
8th place will auto demote.
The bottom 4 teams from Open League will be demoted to the qualifiers.


At leagues 5 members from your team must be within europe
All players must be over the age of 16, or 18 depending on location.
MOSS is reqiured for all games
Failure to supply the MOSS file up to 24 hours after your match will allow your opponents to protest the match.
Failure to supply the MOSS file 24 hours after a protest will result in a worst-case loss result.
Be in the discord, at least 3 players is required. Discord must be linked to your OPL profile.