SBL Halloween
SBL Halloween

This Halloween join us for a charity tournament. What should you expect to see? Well what other than: Casters in costumes? A bigger map pool? 250$ prize??? Enjoy a spooky weekend of Siege with Stickbug League.

All proceeds for this event will be donated to Feeding America.

How To Register
-First, register your whole team on OPL and link your ubisoft accounts.
-Send payment through our payment instructions below.
-Once you have submitted payment, sign up for the event on OPL
-Once you have signed up please contact Interritus on discord.

Payment is to be done by dming Interritus on discord for the Paypal link.
When submitting payment, you must include the name of the team you are entering.

If you have any issues with payment, contact Interritus or OakBWood on discord.