ELC Fall League #4
ELC Fall League #4

For it's fourth consecutive year, Euro League&Cup is back with it's Fall League!

Here's what to expect for this season:

- 40 Slots
- 3 Divisions
- €200 Cash pool
- Open to teams of all abilities
- Free to participate


As highlighted in the rulebook, all players must be aged 16+ and reside in the EU region.
Our tournaments/leagues are all FREE TO ENTER.

Allowed Cosmetics
Allowed Cosmetics

Default Skin(s)
Pro League Gold Skin(s)
Pilot Program Phase 1 &2 Team Skin(s)
R6 SHARE Skin(s)
All other uniforms and headgears, including elite skins, are not allowed. However, there are no restrictions on weapon skins and charms.