RL OverClocked is a Rocket League Round Robin tournament to provide players with a more competitive aspect. I personally love Rocket League, I believe it is a highly competitive and skillful game and I'd love to see teams compete against equally skilled or better teams to help grow in skill. I also would love to see teams grow in player base as I will try my best to stream as many games as I can for the teams growth as well as other streamers I have as well as I am trying to recruit Shout Casters to provide other opportunities.


The Requirements to play are you must be an NA Player, I have done lots of thinking, and by making a league combining Na and Eu players their will be serious ping issues and that will not allow for the best play possible. The next Requirement is a minimum of 3 players on a team. You must link your OPL Account to Discord and either of the following Xbox Live, Epic Games, Nintendo Switch and/or PSN ID to be eligible on the roster. YOUR RANK CANNOT BE HIGHER THAN DIAMOND 3 or else you are ineligible for the low Elo, Finally You must be in the RL OverClocked Discord.