Static Gaming League is proud to present Free League Season 4! Season 4 will consist of three phases and is projected to last a little over a month.

Phase 1 will start on Monday, Feb 27th (this will be the start of week 1 of play). Each week, you will be playing two BO1 matches in an auto-generated swiss format. The goal of the swiss bracket is to determine seeding and placement for Phases 2 and 3, which are a single and double elimination bracket (more on that in paragraphs below). The top 16 teams from Phase 1 will move onto phase 2 with the lower 16 teams being eliminated. Phase 1 will be three weeks of play (2 rounds per week) and the fourth week will be the final 7th round to ensure that teams only play against other teams of the same rating.

Phase 2 will be a single round in a single elimination bracket, BO1, for the top 16 teams that moved on from Phase 1. The goal of phase 2 is to weed out teems before moving into phase 3's double elimination bracket. Phase 2 will be played on Sunday, March 26th - no exceptions.

Phase 3 will consist of the remaining 8 teams from Phase 2 and be a double elimination bracket until the top three places are determined! Round 1 of Phase 3 is BO1 (upper and lower) and everything else of Phase 3 is BO3!

The prizing for season 4 will continue to be the same as was with season 3, with one slight change. Before, we awarded the top competitor a free slot in our paid league and a chance to compete for a $1,000+ prize pool. This season, both the first AND second will be awarded this "free pass" into the Paid League (which will take place in June).

For all of the latest tournaments, Free League, and Paid League announcement use the link below to join our Discord. SGL is a league that offers something for everyone in the R6 PC community. Static Gaming offers a paid, and a free entry league, all hosted in our discord server. Our main goal is to connect people from the Rainbow Six community. We also offer an environment that allows newer teams to become more established in the community while also allowing already established teams to play in a competitive environment. We hope to see you stick with us on our journey to becoming one of the biggest leagues out there!