About hypeENT!
About hypeENT!

hypeENT League is a new league where everyone can participate. There will be a four weeks group stage with six teams in one group making it four groups in total. The best two teams out of the one group will then move to playoffs. 8 Team will be competing in the playoffs for this prize pool:

1st place 600€
2nd place 200€
3rd place 100€
4th-8th place 25€

The entry fee is 25€ for one team in total.
Every commnication will be done by Discord so please join the discord below. Every announcement will be posted on the Twitter page from @dieanic make sure to follow to not miss out on any information!

To enter you must also sign up on Discord
To not miss out on any information reguarding hypeENT follow Dieanic on Twitter
Playoffs will be casted on this Twitch