Who we are?

RL OverClocked is a Rocket League Round Robin tournament to provide players with a more competitive aspect. I personally love Rocket League, I believe it is a highly competitive and skillful game and I'd love to see teams compete against equally skilled or better teams to help grow in skill. I also would love to see teams grow in player base as I will try my best to stream as many games as I can for the teams growth as well as other streamers I have as well as I am trying to recruit Shout Casters to provide other opportunities.


The Requirements to play are you must be an EU Player, I have done lots of thinking, and by making a league combining Na and Eu players their will be serious ping issues and that will not allow for the best play possible. The next Requirement is a minimum of 3 players on a team. You must link your OPL Account to Discord and either of the following Xbox Live, Epic Games, Nintendo Switch and/or PSN ID to be eligible on the roster. Finally You must be in the RL OverClocked Discord. https://discord.gg/Gju7RA3H49. If not the player that has not been verified is ineligible.

Rank cap

IMPORTANT- If your team is caught or assumed to have a smurf, it can result in barring of participation from the League or you forfeit all games and must wait till the next league to play again, this is and will be dealt with severely to preserve integrity and fairness for all players who want to improve and compete in their skill level.