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required programs
Rocket League
RL Tracker
award of points
win +3
overtime win +2
overtime loss +1
loss 0
default win +3
default loss 0
lobby settings
Discord You must be in The RL OverClocked Discord. Https://Discord.Gg/Gju7RA3H49
Connections You Must Link Your OPL Account To Discord And Either Of The Following; Xbox Live, Epic Games, Nintendo Switch, And/Or PSN ID To Be Eligible On The Roster
Map The map must be agreed upon or else the default map will be Mannfield
Series Length You Will Set Everything To Default, Then Adjust The Series Length To 5 Games
server The Server setting will be recommended for your games.
Team Settings If the Other Team Requests That You Add Their Team Name And Colors, You Must Do It For The Purpose Of Their Content Creation. Their Is A Settings For Player To Make It Default Colors For Them Personally, If You Have A Hard Time With Team Colors, Please Use That Setting.
OPL Team Your team must be a Major team in the OPL team settings.